August 15, 2015 – Back To The Vault

Main Challenge

This challenge takes place in the Vault of Glass using hard mode.

The Main Rules

1.       There is to be no stopping for breaks.  If a member needs to leave their controller for any reason the remaining team members must continue on without them.  If all team members die they must begin immediately upon respawn.

2.       There is no wiping.  Play until every guardian falls.

3.       At the beginning a relic holder will be randomly selected.

a.       Assign each member a number 1 through 6.  Use a six sided dice to determine who the relic holder is.

b.      If the dice selects a member who is not taking “full” advantage of the drinking challenge roll again.

4.       Relic holder responsibilities.

a.       The relic holder must use the relic during the Templar phase.

b.      Relic holder must get the first relic during the Gatekeeper phase.

c.       During Atheon if the relic holder gets teleported he/she must announce it and be allowed to take the relic.

5.       This is all for fun!  Don’t feel you need to push past your drinking limit.  If a particular stage becomes too difficult to pass, feel free to do whatever it takes to keep moving forward.

What you need to know.

1.       Only weapons from Crota allowed.

2.       If you do not have sword breaker you may select another shotgun (not Found Verdict).

The Penalties

1.       You die you drink.

2.       Your stupid and die you drink twice.

3.       All fireteam members die everyone drinks twice.

4.       When receiving energy or shards as a reward you must drink the same amount.

5.       Whatever your relic holder has to drink the rest of the team must drink that amount as well.

The Plates

1.       Hold the plates with just your shotguns.

2.       If a plate is lost the whole team must drink.

3.       If you lose the plate you are guarding, you must drink twice.

Why walk when you can ride.

1.       Once the vault is open all team member must meet at the left plate as your facing the vault.  From there take your sparrow as far into the vault as possible.  Whoever makes it the farthest wins the race.  Everyone else take a shot.

The Legions

1.       When the Templar summons its legions there is no hiding guardians.  Run, duck, and dodge only.  No weapons including grenades, melee, and supers.


1.       Use only shotguns on oracles.

2.       Every player must play at the bottom.

3.       Take a drink every time you kill an Oracle.


1.       Shotguns only on oracles.

2.       Every player must play at the bottom.

3.       There is no cleansing.  Spread out and kill the Oracles.

The Maze

1.       Race to the bottom using the entrance behind the Templar spawn point.  First person to the exotic chest wins, everybody else take a shot.


1.       Everybody must get the material chest.

2.       Cross the Gorgons area one at a time.  From the beginning rock each guardian must travel alone to the cave entrance that leads to the jumping puzzle.  Every time a guardian dies the team must drink twice.

Jumping Puzzle

1.       Like the Gorgons.  Each member must jump across the puzzle one at a time.  Everytime a guardian dies the team must drink.  Any who have made it successfully across must wipe and start over.

2.       Each guardian must touch 3 platforms.


1.       The relic holder must retrieve and use the first relic.

2.       If the gate closes the party must drink twice.

3.       If a player dies inside the portal everyone must drink.


1.       If you do not get teleported take a drink.

2.       If you succumb to the Oracles the team that was teleported must drink.

3.       If the timekeeper gets teleported he/she must announce they were teleported and use the relic.